Christmas Smooth: Artists and Songs Classic and New

Release Date: 2022-11-08

Christmas Smooth is a holiday album from Demand Impact released for the 2022 Christmas season.

All proceeds from the sale of Christmas Smooth went directly to organizations that help the youth addiction epidemic.

December – Christian Gratz

  • Produced by: Christian Gratz
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered at: Sunroom Studios
  • Engineered by: Matt Jenkins
  • Electric Keys: Christian Gratz
  • Synthesizer: Christian Gratz
  • String Ensemble: Christian Gratz
  • Bass: Christian Gratz
  • Electric Guitars: Christian Gratz
  • Tambourine: Christine Gratz
  • Vocals: Christian Gratz
  • Background Vocals: Leahbeth Evans

Santa’s Coming for Us – August Red
Released on October 30, 2017, as the lead single from Sia’s eighth studio album and first Christmas album, Everyday is Christmas

  • Written by Sia and Greg Kurstin
  • Produced and Mixed by: John Nixon
  • Drums: August Red
  • Keys: John Nixon
  • Vocals: Tom Bieniewicz
  • Bass: Tom Nixon
  • Background Vocals: Jillian Nixon, Julie Nixon

Soldier Daddy – Derek Holt of The Climax Blues Band
Released 2005

Silver Bells – Page 99 featuring Dane Donohue

  • Produced by: John Nixon
  • Arranged and Mixed by: John Nixon
  • Vocal Arrangement by: Russ Fitzpatrick
  • Keys: John Nixon
  • Synthesizer: John Nixon
  • Bass: John Nixon
  • Lead Guitars: Colton Weatherston
  • Wire-Choir Guitar: John Nixon
  • Rhodes Piano: John Nixon
  • Vocals: Russ Fitzpatrick, Dane Donohue
  • Background Vocals: John Nixon, Russ Fitzpatrick

Late December – TJ George
Mixed by Miguelli for TJ George – Fragmented Soul Volume 1-2015

  • Written by: TJ George
  • Vocals: TJ George
  • Mixed by: Miguelli
  • Keys: Miguelli
  • Bass: Molly Pauken
  • Lead Guitars: Doug Collins
  • Drums: Ty Smith
  • Cello: Jane Van Voorhis

Jinglin’ in New England – Orleans featuring Fly Amero
written by:

  • Fly Amero (ASCAP)
  • Donna Amero (ASCAP)
  • Dennis Amero Music (ASCAP)

Lead Vocal, acoustic/electric guitars: Fly Amero
Drums: Marty Richards
Upright bass: Jesse Williams
Backing vocal: Renee Dupuis
Recorded by Bradley Royds at One Center, Gloucester, MA
Backing vocals: John Hall, Lance Hoppen, Lane Hoppen recorded remotely
Mixed by Michael Malfesi and Fly Amero

Tom Nixon would like to thank-TJ George, Vernon Porter, and everyone who spearheaded efforts to launch Demand Impact, as well as to his own personal heroes and legends, who have contributed their time, talents and treasures to remind us all of the healing power of music. Thank you also to family and friends, some of whom contribute to August Red from time to time, including on this cover of Sia’s instant holiday classic!

TJ George would like to thank-Zach George, Vernon Porter, Tom and John Nixon, Chris Christian, Derek Holt, Fly Amero, Lance Hoppen, Marc Jordan, Amy Sky, Dane Donohue, Bruce Blackman,  and all contributors to this album. Thank you to the Board of Demand Impact,

Manager Joey Wolpert, and all folks team-TJ

Thanks to Cassi Snyder for webpage operations and design,

Graphic Design for cover by Andrew Hosler Hosler Designs

Special thanks to Kyle Lavelle for beautiful cover art.